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Business Performance Consulting

Pinnacle is experienced in business process review, assessment, design, and re-design (through re-engineering). We have also conducted thorough policy and procedural reviews and enhancements to support very large customers.

Business Process Review and Assessment

Business consulting services from Pinnacle begin with developing a thorough understanding of our clients business, their current needs and future goals. Pinnacle resources conduct various Assessments and Audits of processes, applications, software, operations, systems, and structure. We bring a strong mix of technical and business expertise to this process in order to assess the current status and make strategic recommendations for the future of our clients business.

Business Process Improvement

Having the right understanding and strategy is the first step. However, execution of the strategy is crucial, and many companies falter. Often, the problem is in business processes that do not serve the customer or are inefficient. Sometimes, the process is broken and needs to be completely redesigned. In other cases, the process is sound, but it is inefficient and needs to be improved. In either case, Pinnacle can help you analyze existing processes, identify problems and bottlenecks, and redesign or improve the processes to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Our structured methodology, PrismSM, makes use of process mapping, creative brainstorming, reengineering (BPR), best practices, and benchmarking.

Operational Improvement

Business systems, such as ERP, supply chain management (SCM), and customer relationship management (CRM), are built around standard industry best practices. Many companies however, implement new systems without adopting the best practices upon which these systems are based. Such shortcomings frequently appear in the operational processes of the business, such as sales and customer service, forecasting and demand management, material and production planning, resource management, quality assurance, or functions involved in the delivery of products and services to customers. Pinnacle can assess your current operations and identify opportunities to implement best practices. With consultants who understand both the business side and the technology side, we zero in on providing significant cost-savings, increased productivity, and improved profitability.

Policy & Procedure Review & Recommendation

Policy and procedure review from Pinnacle begins with understanding the policies, procedures, documentation, etc. of our clients environment. Pinnacle resources review all appropriate policies, procedures, processes, etc. and then make recommendations or modifications to any policies or procedures. Pinnacle brings a strong mix of analytical review skills to drive appropriate changes where necessary.


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