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Client Advocate

Pinnacle prides itself on working with and for its clients. As such, we have found it beneficial to act as a "trusted advisor" or "Client Advocate" on projects for our clients. As a trusted advisor, we work as leaders in the management of projects and initiatives. We provide both Project Management Office and Project Management Resources on key initiatives for our clients.

Project Office Assessment

Project Management is not a one size fits all activity. While there are many issues in common for any organization doing project management, there are also individual differences: the types of clients and projects, the culture of the larger enterprise, specific business needs. The first step in improving Project Management in your organization is a Project Office Assessment. This assessment gives us an opportunity to understand how you manage projects today and what your specific needs are. We can then provide a recommendation for a customized approach for your Project Office. We can detail specific templates to be developed, suggest automated processes to be implemented, and identify training needs.

Project Office Development

Typically, following a Project Office Assessment, there is the opportunity to develop a customized solution for your organization's Project Office. Leveraging eRoom, Sharepoint, Microsoft Project, Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, we develop a high-value custom solution for your office. Using these tools to support your Project Office, your team can communicate quickly and clearly on task assignments, timelines, and total team responsibilities. Your Project Managers can quickly roll-up status reports from all team members, determine schedule fit and communicate this information quickly to your clients.  Your internal personnel can view all of your client and project information through a solution utilizing Microsoft Exchange. Specific project information can then be made available by your project managers through a project extranet to your clients.

Project Management Training

Our team of qualified Project Managers provide our clients with the training they need to successfully manage their internal or external projects. Our training can be customized to meet the project management process and methodology implemented within our clients organizations.

Pinnacle offers Project Office training to assist your project office manager with building the skills necessary to provide oversight and direction to his or her team of project managers.

Pinnacle also offers project management training by providing coaching and assistance to our client's project managers. This training can be tailored to your organization's project process and methodology, or can be provided utilizing Pinnacle's proven project process and methodology.

Please feel free to Contact Pinnacle for more information about how we manage client projects, or for details about how we can help you create or improve your own project management systems.


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