Leading Companies to Optimization & Profitability via Managed Projects

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Strategic Consulting

Pinnacle's Strategic Consulting Services center on driving initiatives through all levels of an organization. Specifically, Pinnacle has experience in working with CEO's and Divisional leaders on corporate, business unit, operational, and departmental planning. In addition to these, Pinnacle works closely with our customers in considering structure and organizational changes that may result from key strategic initiatives.

Business Strategy

Some companies never articulate a clear strategy. Others have a strategy that worked in the past but now face declining profitability, new competition, or limited opportunities for growth. Still others face mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures. As a result, many companies need to reevaluate business strategy.

Pinnacle can help you reassess your business strategy. Working collaboratively with the CEO and executive staff, we assess and analyze the competition, isolate constraints to improved performance, and plan initiatives for growth andZcost-savings. We also help business leaders to more effectively communicate and build commitment to implement the strategy throughout the organization, making use of practical tools such as balanced scorecard at either the Corporate, Business Unit, Operational, or Department level.  We look at Structure Reviews, Assessments, and Organizational Change that will impact strategy.

Finally, given we are a Professional / Consulting Services firm, we conduct Professional Services Reviews & Assessments and Services Revenue Modeling & Planning.

Business & IT Alignment

Information technology today plays an increasing role in business. Yet, in many companies, business leaders and technical staff speak different languages. Pinnacle can help you formulate an IT strategy that is aligned with business strategy, develop an appropriate IT budget, and plan initiatives to build the IT organization and capabilities that you need to support the business. The alignment process includes IT infrastructure, transactional systems, informational systems, and strategic capabilities.

E-Business Strategy 

Although the Internet may have been the subject of excessive media hype in the past, it still presents enormous opportunities and threats to existing business models and supply chains. Pinnacle can help you assess the impact of the Internet on your business and recognize where the real opportunities lie for e-business within your company, and then integrating Internet initiatives into a sensible e-business strategy.


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