Leading Companies to Optimization & Profitability via Managed Projects


Pinnacle Consulting Services is a team of seasoned professionals supported by over 70 combined years of practical business and technology experience in Fortune 100 to start up enterprises.  Our team partners with our clients to provide Reality Mapping Analysis and Results Oriented Solutions to the variety of business and technology challenges they encounter.  We provide our clients with objective and independently derived results to support informed decision making and assists in the effort to realize their ultimate objectives.


Pinnacle Consulting Services’ approach to providing objective and independently derived results is a collaborative effort that we call PRISMSM; the process of taking in discreet pieces of information and producing comprehensive, cohesive and focused results.

Pain Points – cooperative effort to discover and document specific business challenges that require focused attention to more fully understand and ultimately resolve

Reality Mapping – core documentation to depict the reality of the business challenges in narrative and flowchart formats

Identification of Challenges/Barriers – identification and analysis of challenges and barriers to success

Solution Plan – comprehensive set of recommended actions to resolve challenges and barriers to success

Manage to Results – project management efforts to assist in realizing recommended actions

Product: Pinnacle Consulting Services provides its clients with a variety of significant deliverables.  The key deliverables are the Reality Mapping Analysis and the resulting Solution Plan.

Pinnacle Consulting Services takes great pride in our proven ability to provide significant value to our clients. Contact Us today to learn how we can provide such results to you and your organization; we look forward to the opportunity.