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RSI Home Products

RSI is the leading manufacturer and supplier of home products and cabinets in the United States.  With key clients such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, RSI has experienced 30% annual revenue increases for the past 5 years.  With the incredible product revenue growth RSI experienced the need for highly experienced product management and mid-level management resources.  The RSI Human Resources department was also experience a significant work load and it was becoming difficult to hire and staff as quickly as the growth. 


RSI engaged us to recruit and hire key product managers to lead their product and revenue growth.  Using our 8-step recruiting methodology, we interviewed top management to understand the team, products, and culture.  Next we developed the blueprint for the ideal candidate.  We then reached out to the marketplace and identified multiple candidates, conducted pre-screening interviews, narrowed the field of candidates, introduced the candidates to RSI, and provided assistance in the negotiation of compensation.


We identified over 500 candidates, narrowed the field to approximately 10 candidates, submitted five people and RSI hired a Product Manager for the countertop division.