Leading Companies to Optimization & Profitability via Managed Projects

Manufacturing / Distribution

Pacific World - Nailene Products

Pacific World is the leading manufacturer of “press-on” finger nails for women.  Management felt that there was no strategic plan or direction and that a portfolio of strategic projects or initiatives was needed to keep the management team focused on being competitive.  Management also believed that there were inherent inefficiencies in the manufacturing and distribution of products.  Management wanted to conduct a strategic management retreat / session to review the organization and its processes, the impacts of international (Mexico) operations, and supply chain interfaces with companies like Kmart and Wal-Mart, and accounting operations.


Our resources worked closely with the Senior Executive team and facilitated several management sessions to process map and analyze existing processes.  We reviewed the impact of raw materials, international operational impacts, WIP, and finished goods production, transportation, product ordering, electronic data interchange (EDI), and performance metrics for the business.  We also identified key strategic initiatives and generated a portfolio roadmap for Senior Management.


We identified several opportunities to streamline operations, developed a key strategic plan and portfolio of initiatives that the Senior Management team could complete to reduce costs in key areas and allow the company to remain competitive.