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Manufacturing / Distribution

Guthy-Renker Corporation

Guthy-Renker is the internationally recognized leader in infomercials and product distribution. With over $800mm in annual sales, Guthy-Renker is clearly the leader when it comes to product identification, marketplace awareness, and distribution to consumers.   Senior Management believed that its information technology platform was limiting its growth and the software systems would not be adequate to support future growth and expansion.  Management also believed that it took too long to process orders beginning from the point of order-entry.


Our resources worked closely with the Senior Executive team and conducted a thorough order-entry process review and mapping session.  In addition to the process mapping session, our resources conducted an overall Information Technology review and assessment.


We completed an initial 3-week assessment of the order-entry process and identified approximately $80k in immediate short term savings via modifications to the existing order entry process.  We also identified significant gaps that did not meet business requirements during our systems review.  We recommended a software selection project that lasted approximately 60 days and lead to an Oracle application implementation.  The new Oracle system was justified on projected savings/benefits of reduced order processing time, integration with manufacturing partners, and higher order fulfillment rate.